Sex Offender Registry

The Nebraska Sex Offender Registration Act was initiated on January 1, 1997 and requires sex offenders to register for a period of 10 years. The Nebraska State Patrol maintains a Registry of Sex Offenders and assesses the offender’s risk level and provides community notification accordingly. The risk level is determined by a risk assessment instrument developed by the University of Nebraska Law/Psychology Program.

Level 1:
Risk level is low, law enforcement agencies likely to encounter the sex offender shall be notified.

Level 2:
Risk level is moderate, in addition to notifying local law enforcement, all schools, daycare centers, and religious and youth organizations, as defined herein that are located within the registrants county of residence shall be notified.

Level 3:
Risk level is high, in addition to notifying local law enforcement, schools, daycare centers, and religious and youth organizations, the public will be notified through news releases directed to the media within the state. Additional news releases, community meetings or direct contact with neighbors may be utilized by local law enforcement to provide notice in addition to the State Patrol news release.

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