Copies of Reports

Copies of Report Accident Reports (only report that requires a fee) $3.00 faxed or in person $4.00 Mailed Payments can be made by cash or check (no cards) Payments can also be mailed or presented in person

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Dog Impound

Dog Impound $60.00 fee per dog. Dogs will be lodged at Cross Creek Animal Health Center, located at 245 A St, Staplehurst, NE 68439 (402) 643-5059 A receipt will be issued upon payment. The receipt must be presented at Cross Creek Animal Health Center office to show proof of payment.

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Dog Licenses

Dog Licenses $4.00 for male or spayed female. $6.00 for a female License must be renewed yearly. Must provide proof of current rabies vaccination.

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Gun Permits

Gun Permits $5.00 fee. Permit valid for 3 years. Must provide photo identification and fill out a 1-page application. Application will be processed in 2 working days. If a permit is issued it must be picked up at the Police Department by the applicant.

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Itinerant Sales

Itinerant Sales $10.00 fee per salesperson. Permit valid for 1 week from date of issuance. Must provide photo identification when applying. Applies to persons selling door-to-door in residential areas.

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Parking Tickets

Parking Tickets $10.00 fee. If not paid within 5 working days, the fee goes up to $20.00. If not paid within another 25 working days, the parking ticket may be reissued as an official citation and filed in court.

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