Chief’s Message

Chief Alan D. Baldwin

Chief Alan D. Baldwin

Mission Statement

The mission of the Seward Police Department is to protect life and property and to maintain order within the City while assuring fair and respectful treatment of everyone.

Our Values

Integrity:  We will act honestly, truthfully and in a trustworthy manner at all times.

Respect:  We will treat citizens, visitors and each other with respect and will perform our duties in a fair and equitable manner.

Leadership:  We will provide leadership for the community by performing our duties in a progressive and innovative manner which sets the example for others to follow.

Service:  We will provide supportive, professional services to the community and to fellow city employees.

Problem Solving:  We will use sound, innovative problem-solving techniques. We will educate and work in partnership with the community to accomplish common goals.

Accountability:  We will hold ourselves, and each other, accountable for the professional and high quality performance of our duties.

Pride:  We are proud of our city. This pride is reflected in the energetic, positive manner in which we perform our duties as well as the contributions we provide to the community.

Our Goals

  • To respond to calls for service with immediacy.
  • To treat all individuals with respect, dignity and fairness.
  • To continually seek to improve ourselves professionally.
  • To uphold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.
  • To never become complacent with respect to our mission, values or those we serve.
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